Why More Parents Are Buying Unisex Onesies

Gerber Newborn baby boy or girl - unisexWhen parents are expecting, they don’t always know whether they are having a girl or a boy. Sometimes, it’s because they choose not to find out and they want to be surprised. Other times, its because the ultrasounds aren’t very clear, and it can be hard to tell whether there is a girl or a boy hanging out inside mommy’s tummy. Whatever the reason, it’s always safer to assume that they don’t know for sure.

How many parents have thought they knew what they were having only to be surprised later? It happens more often than the average person might think, which is why it is such a good idea to spring for unisex clothes as much as possible. Baby boy onesies are great and all, but would the average parent feel good about putting their little girl in them?

Stores such as baby boy onesies carry lots of unisex clothing options for parents as well as baby girl and baby boy onesies. Even parents who know for sure that they are having one or the other could do with some unisex clothing, though.

Many times, the clothes will be passed on to someone else, perhaps the next child or a cousin or other relative. If the clothes are unisex, then it won’t matter who gets what. Many parents are buying quality clothes that are on trend, and these will last for a while, which is why it is all the more important to ensure that they can be used and reused. After all, the child won’t stay the same size forever. At some point, they will outgrow their baby clothes, and there is no point in letting those clothes go to waste.

That’s not to say that buying clothes for one gender or another is a bad idea. However, buying unisex allows for more options and versatility, and it ensures that the clothes can be circulated and used within the family for much longer. Parents love seeing the clothes they adored their little one wearing being passed on to and worn by others in the family. It makes for great memories that can be shared by everyone, and it’s something for parents to keep in mind as they are picking out clothes.

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