How to Mix Essential Oils and Carrier Oils

back painUsing essential oil is one of the best ways to enjoy the nature’s natural offer to everyone. When you welcome the herbal essential oils in your life, everything seems simple yet very rewarding. This is because of the various benefits that it brings. You should know more about some of the basic principles of the carrier oils and essential oils for you to enjoy more of their uses.

Knowing the proper ways on how to mix essential oils and carrier oils is very important for you to understand further the used of these two oils. This article will explain the principles on how to mix carrier oils with essential oils. This will not only inform you about the proper steps of blending the two oils, but also on how you will do it in a safe manner.

Maybe you are wondering why it is needed to mix something to the essential oils. Mixing carrier oils to essential oils is needed because essential oils are strong essences. If it is not diluted, it can definitely harm your skin.

Here are the steps on how to mix carrier oils to essential oils:

  1. The first thing that you should do is to think what you want to achieve before you mix the two oils. You might want to blend them to be energizing and relaxing.
  2. Next is you have to do a research and look for the essential oils that contained all properties that you are trying to find. For relaxation, it is better to use the orange, lavender, or roman chamomile essential oils and more.
  3. Since essential oils have several categories, mix oils with same categories to have better results of blending. The purpose of this, is to have the perfect smell of the essential oils. It is also important that you follow the accurate measures of the ingredients while mixing.
  4. After you’ve done with the three steps, find the good carrier oils to mix with the essential oils. Carrier oils can be a coconut, grape seeds, or olive. All of these carrier oils have their specific benefits and you will only enjoy them once already mixed with the essential oils.

These steps can help you a lot in combining the carrier oils to the essential oils and will serve as your guide on how to properly blend them. You must learn the best essential oil for back pain so that you can make the right blend.

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